Emily O’Brien shares the ins and outs of her top five foundations…

No woman is alone in the struggle to find that ‘perfect’ foundation; the ultimate face fixer that conceals blemishes, troche lasts beyond your first class of the day, cialis doesn’t cling to dry patches or dissolve in a pool of grease, prostate and, above all, doesn’t leave you looking like Jordan did your make-up. It’s a tough battle but, after years of trial and error, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite foundations, which might just help achieve a flawless and healthy complexion.

  1. Estée Lauder Double Wear  €35-€40 in Brown Thomas and large pharmacies

For many women, this classic is the Holy Grail. It delivers full coverage with a powdery base, and also contains SPF. Double Wear literally lasts all day, and should be your first port-of-call when that hangover is written all over your face. It’s fantastic for oily skins, although dry to combination skins may find that it clings to dry patches – hence the importance of good skincare. The price is steep but a little goes a long way with Double Wear, especially if you conserve it for Monday morning emergencies and nights out.


  1. Catrice All Matte Plus, €7 in Penneys and pharmacies

Every brand on the market has its own version of a matte, long lasting foundation. This baby, at a nifty €7, is great for a girl on a budget. Catrice has a reputation for quality beauty products, and this foundation is no exception. With a decent primer, it withstands a full day even on the oiliest skins, and delivers medium coverage with a natural matte finish – in other words, it will cover your blemishes without looking like a mask. It suits all but the driest of complexions and, at that price, who can say no?



  1. Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation, €23 from Debenhams

This is the ultimate in my spot-banishing arsenal. Like a concealer for the entire face, Rich Liquid is a thick formula that blurs away all but the worst spots and pores. This isn’t a foundation for those seeking a natural glow, and thorough exfoliation is needed. But if you look like Vesuvius has done a number on your forehead, Illamasqua has you covered (literally). Rich Liquid boasts an impressive shade range and, for a quality brand, it’s surprisingly affordable. Skip your Studio Fix, you won’t need it anymore.



  1. L’Oréal Nude Magique Eau de Teint, €14.99 from Boots

This is the lightest foundation on the list. L’Oréal promised the sun, moon and stars with this foundation and they definitely delivered. Volatile oils evaporate on contact with the skin to create a sheer yet medium coverage effect. For a foundation that feels incredibly watery on application, it lasts all day and looks wonderfully natural on the skin, without being drying. It is suitable for all skin types, another bonus for this drugstore favourite.



  1. Nars Sheer Matte, €40 from Brown Thomas

Nars deliver quality in spades, and this foundation is no exception.  On application it dries rather quickly, but when it does, you are left with a gorgeous sheer finish that really makes your skin glow. With decent staying power, this is a great foundation for injecting a healthy appearance to tired skin. It’s not quite as matte as promised, yet the oil control is still rather good, but not so good that dry patches are aggravated. For truly parched skins, Nars’ sister offering, Sheer Glow is a brilliant alternative.