Today we are doing a live blog from UCDSU count centre with every election result for the student union elections 2013. Stay here for regular updates.

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We’re updating the information below as soon as it is made available by UCDSU Returning Officer, decease Morgan Shelley



17:58 That’s it from us for this evening. Thanks for staying with us throughout the day.

17:55 Cian Dowling has been elected as Welfare officer.

16:30 It appears as though 1212 of Cian Dowling’s votes are not under dispute. The rest of the votes will be argued on later in the afternoon when all of the votes have been counted.

15:25 The re-count in the Welfare race is now beginning. We will update you as soon as we have a result.


15:05 It appears as thought there will be a full recount in the Welfare race.

15:00 Adam Carroll has been elected as Education officer.

14:54 Mícheál Gallagher has been elected president of UCDSU

14:39 Aonghus O’Briain has been elected as Arts and Celtic convenor.
Aine Mooney has been elected as Human Sciences convenor.

14:26 The results from Arts will be in in the next 5 minutes. Keep in touch with our twitter account @collegetribune for the most immediate result.

14:07 The results from Health sciences have shown that Becky Gilmore has been elected as Health Science Convener.

13:56 The results from Quinn are in for all of the election races. They are updated on the spreadsheet.

13:48 Nicole scully has been elected as B&L convenor.

13:15 We are still waiting on results from Arts (Day box), Health Sciences and Quinn.

13:00 The results from Science and Vet have just come in. There is currently a difference in the Welfare race of just 43 votes.

12:47 Candidates and campaigners are beginning to arrive at the count centre.


12:46 The Welfare results from Engineering and Science are in. Dowling now holds a 3% lead over Johnson.

12:44 Valerie O’Brien has been elected as Science convener.

12:39 The Business/Law convener results from Roebuck are in. Scully got 80 votes compared to RON receiving 40.

12:36 The presidential and welfare results from roebuck are now in. Johnson has regained the lead in the welfare race after the results from Roebuck.

12:25 The agriculture votes for Welfare are in. Cian Dowling recieved 26 more votes than Johnson in Ag.

12:15 Based on the current figures, Devin Finneran will be elected as Ag & Vet Convener.

12:12 The presidential results and the education from Agriculture are just in and available on the above spreadsheet.

12:10 The results for the Arts and Celtic convener from wednesday evening are in as are the results for Business/Law convener from the same ballot box.

12:07 Irish language officer results from Arts wednesday and thursday evening are in.

12:04 The Welfare results from both of the Arts evening boxes are now in. There are 45 votes between both candidates at the moment.

12:03 The votes for the Human Sciences convenor race from Arts wednesday evening and arts thursday evening are now available on the above spreadsheet.

12:02 The wednesday evening art box has just been counted.

11:58 The vote from Arts on Thursday evening for the business and law convenor election are now in.

11:49 Voting has been ongoing since 10:00 this morning.


11:42 Some of the results for the Business/Law convenor are now in.

11:41 Some of the results for the Ag and Vet convenor are in.


11:26The first of the results for the positions of Welfare, president and education are coming in now.

By Ronan Coveney & Peter Hamilton.