Euphoria swept the world up in its glittered storm ever since the show first aired on HBO in 2019. The TV show gained its mass following for the dark and gritty depiction of the lives of high-schoolers – with relationships, sex and drugs being navigated by teenagers who are simultaneously trying to discover their identity. However, another reason for the mass interest that arose out of the initial airing of the show is the moves that it made aesthetically. With the arrival of season 2 last month, it was not only the anticipation for the story that brought viewers back, but the continuously evolving fashion and make-up witnessed on-screen that audiences just cannot get enough of.

 The over-arching creative thread follows from the editing room to the costume department as director Sam Levinson’s visual goal of the show is seamlessly upheld from all angles. Costume designer Heidi Bevins created a visual identity for each character which evolves with each teen throughout the series. When analysing the wardrobe of each of the characters it is clear how much thought is behind the decisions made by the costume department. The choices made can be as subtle as colour palettes for each character, such as Cassie Howard never stepping outside of her pastel comfort zone as she favours light denim, baby pink, pastel blue and white. The fashion identities which were created in season 1 of the show have adapted with the characters as they navigate a new set of hurdles in the newest season.

One character who sees the biggest revamp in their wardrobe is Kat. After discovering herself in season 1 via leather, harnesses and buckled chokers in black and red, she has dialled back the leather to make room for her new relationship with Ethan. While her character’s fashion in season one was one of my favourites, Kat 2.0 still can do no wrong as she keeps it colourful, fun and trendy. 

Similarly, the make-up and hair on the show do not shy away from taking the spotlight. Doniella Davy of the show’s make-up department and the hair department’s Kim Kimble, keep the aesthetics fresh and accurate for each character’s individual style. Maddy Perez’s hair and makeup gained huge popularity in season one, with many people replicating her many bold eye looks at home. It makes sense that her return in episode one of season 2 was showstopping, with visuals to match.

Try It Yourself!

 If you want to recreate Maddy’s NYE look, go ahead with your preferred base – you don’t have to be too fussy with this as the focus is on the eyes. For the eyes, the first step is creating the cut crease. To do this, blend a cool-toned light brown into the crease and then carve out the lid using a concealer. Then add a silver shimmer or glitter to the concealed area ( KVD Beauty’s Eyeshadow stick in ‘Thundercloud” is great for this!). Maddy’s eyeliner is iconic, so it’s essential to get that wing long and sharp with a liquid liner, as well as ensuring that you line your inner corner with a sharp point before lining your waterline. Finish with a deep brown lip liner and clear gloss, and it’s time for hair!

Her hair for this look is simple but chic. Using a Zig-Zag hairband (that you probably have lying around in the bottom of a drawer from when you were a kid) push your hair back away from your face. To achieve some volume in the back you may need to tease your hair a bit, so tease until your heart’s desire! 

Make sure to keep up to date with the fashion and beauty trends being set by season two of Euphoria, with weekly episodes released every Sunday!

Leah Commandeur- Arts & Lifestyle Writer