UCD Jailbreak is one of the most anticipated charity events of the year, cialis and preparations for 2015 are underway. For the past four years, cheap the challenge sees students from across Ireland participate in a race across the world to raise money for Saint Vincent de Paul and Amnesty International.

This year, view participants from eight different colleges will be meeting at the starting point at Collin’s Barracks on the 7th March, where the secret Location X will be announced. From there, students, in groups of two, will embark on an adventure around the globe to reach the finishing line.

The rules of the race are simple. No money can be used. The teams have thirty six hours to reach the destination.

However, the upcoming Jailbreak will see exciting new changes. This year, no flight can take over two hours, and students cannot fly out of the same country they flew into. Students must also complete four charity challenges before they finish the race.

This year will also have the first live stream from the finish line. Audiences will be kept up to date throughout the event by Jailbreak HQ, where a Media Team, a Technical Team and Trackers will support the competitors and promote the event.

Promotion and exposure is key to the Jailbreak’s success. As Sarah Kate Daly, one of the organisers behind the event explains, “the more exposure teams get the more sponsorship for them and money for charity.”

In addition to gaining sponsorship, it is hoped the event will raise awareness of the work of the two charities involved. Kate O Donnell, auditor of UCDSVP, says of this goal, “We hope to raise awareness of the work of SVP and Amnesty and how young people can contribute to society through these organisations. We feel it is integrally important that we as young people engage in trying to change our society for the better by focusing on the causes of inequality and how to counteract these factors.”

Last year, it was two TCD students who ultimately won the race, reaching Sydney, Australia a mere seventeen minutes before the deadline and travelling a total of 17,223 km away from home. Other teams managed to get as far as Bali, Hawaii, Singapore and Jamaica, collectively travelling 191,520 km. The 2014 event raised over €40,000 for charity.

This year, organisers hope to raise €60,000, which will be split evenly between the two charities. Donations can be made online, through a central text number or in person. Daly says of the cause, “these great charities work towards social justice and the creation of a more just and caring nation. We have the potential to raise €60,000 for the two charities and help make a change.”

In addition to the  charity work this event encourages, it also an incredible experience. As Daly says “students need to get involved, as it is an experience you will never forget. Students have the opportunity to raise money for vulnerable people while going on an adventure.”

Stories from previous Jailbreaks include one team wearing wedding dresses in Bali to promote marriage equality, and another dressing as priests and handing CVs into the Vatican.


– Clare Creegan