If anything along the lines of “try a new hobby” features in your 2020 resolutions, keep reading because we have you covered on all the artsy societies on campus. 

1. DramSoc

One of UCD’s most vibrant societies, DramSoc (drama society) is an excellent avenue for one to hone their acting, screenwriting and directorial talents. They regularly conduct workshops on various facets of theatre like lighting and sound, set design and so on. “This semester, we have 8 incredibly varied shows coming to the DramSoc stage,” says Lorcan Kelly, DramSoc Public Relations Officer. He adds that students should join the society because it is “the most active society on campus that will give you a better theatre experience than any classroom!”


2. Musical Society

Musical Society’s electric performances are a fine blend of singing, dancing, and acting. They hold three full-scale musicals every year in addition to the two special showcases exclusively meant to feature newcomers. They also have a sub-group called the Musical Society Vocal Group, a non-audition unit for those interested in singing, which also has its own showcase. “When we say there is something for everyone [at Musical Society], we really mean it!” says Eoin Harrington, the society’s Public Relations Officer. “There’s never a dull day and I have made my closest friends in college through this amazing society.”


3. DrawSoc

Let your creative juices flow when you partake in their workshops. DrawSoc believes in presenting art in its visual forms – be it through drawing, painting or even charcoal. They hold interesting workshops like manga drawing, Rangoli decoration, fingerprinting and even voodoo doll making. “Anyone with an interest in arts at any level of experience is most welcome to join us in our workshops,” says Mudita Verma, Events and Public Relations Officer of DrawSoc. Sounds like an amazing way to unwind!


4. Juggling & Circus Society

This fun society aims to transport you back to your childhood days where you could play without inhibitions. If you want to learn an impressive skill (I mean, how many people can juggle?!) and relax at the same time, join them. “We are a fun-loving wholesome group!” says Olivia Breen, Auditor, and encourages students to join the society without reservations.


5. DanceSoc

Some are born dancers, while others simply want to learn a step or two. DanceSoc will certainly not disappoint with their weekly training sessions that cover various dance forms and their active participation at national competitions. Join them and expand your passion for dancing!


6. TradSoc

There is nothing quite like traditional Irish music – I’d never heard anything more upbeat and joyful! UCD TradSoc promotes exactly this – they have weekly sessions whereby you get to play some traditional tunes. Even if you are a non-player, you are always welcome to join in for a relaxing session. They also organise céilís and go on trips to concerts and festivals. “TradSoc UCD is one of the few societies to have weekly music sessions on campus,” says Niamh Ridley, TradSoc’s Secretary. Contemporary music genres come and go, but the traditional ones always remain in fashion.


7. JazzSoc

In the words of JazzSoc’s Secretary Ciara Lambkin, you should join JazzSoc if you have an “interest in listening to or learning how to play jazz music while making some stellar friends along the way.” JazzSoc has large band rehearsals and weekly improvisation workshops. They also regularly go into the city to listen to live bands to hone their craft. Looks like there is a lot one can learn from them!


Mallika Venkatramani – Arts & Lifestyle Editor