Sneak Peek from NY Fashion Week :

Of all the events that grace the fashion calendar year round, Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is easily our favourite. Celebrities and designers flock to the fashion capital to display their finest new pieces for the upcoming seasons.

Here’s just a taste of one of the gems that might end up in your wardrobe over the next few months.

Creatures of the Wind  

Hail Hyperborea,’ the name given to the new collection by Shane Gabier and Chris Peters, is a total blend of shapes and fabrics that evoke the senses and refresh the mind after a winter full of dark colours and heavy fabrics. While the collection is not as tropical as the name implies, (named after a mythical Greek island), Hyperborea is bold, decorative and eye-catching.

Boxy shapes and the reinforcement of lady like length presents us with a throwback to the 40?s, and coupled with the beautiful colours of scarlet reds, petal pinks, sky blues and fierce blacks there’s a sense of the orient that hasn’t featured itself among fashion circles in a while.

With its vast array of choice, we predict Hyperborea is one to watch this season.

Channelling Maureen O’Hara circa 1940 with an oriental twist ;

Make a statement through bold prints and colours, we adore this scarlet red vs. sky blue combo

This pretty in pink shirt dress is sure to be our season favourite.