Gerry Kelly MLP is facing more hot water this week as footage emerged online showing the Member of the Northern Irish Parliament using an invisible car in order to avoid being breathalysed by Gardaí at a checkpoint in Monaghan over the weekend.

The footage is from the dash-cam of a car that was travelling behind Kelly’s vehicle, and it allegedly shows Kelly using some sort of technology to turn his car invisible as it approaches the Garda checkpoint. As a result, the vehicle is able to slip past the Gardaí, who seem to be completely unaware that the car passed by within two feet of them.

It is believed that Kelly’s car is equipped with a highly-sophisticated cloaking system originally designed by the US military for protecting their spy drones. The system works by coating the outside of the car in a thin, plastic composite, that can carry 4K definition video. Numerous strategically located cameras on the car’s exterior capture the surroundings of the vehicle, and these surroundings are then processed by the on-board computer, and displayed on the composite, effectively rendering the vehicle invisible to the naked eye.

When, the new leader of the party, Mary-Lou McDonald, was asked why Kelly had installed such a sophisticated system on his car, she responded that she had ‘…absolutely no idea or clue why Gerry has an invisible car’.

This is yet another scandal plaguing the party in their attempts to become a mainstream political force.

Philip Mignon – Turbine Writer