Going Up


Boojum made a spicy entrance onto the UCD food scene in more ways than one (#Boojum4Pres). Given the overwhelmingly positive student response, we hope the Boojmobile is here to stay!
‘Look Beyond’ Exhibit

‘Look Beyond – a Photovoice Research Exhibition’ was launched by See Change (an alliance of Irish organisations working together to change public attitudes to mental health issues) on October 25th in the Smock Alley theatre. The exhibit is the culmination of a UCD-Maynooth research project led by Dr. Maria Quinlan and Dr. Etain Quigley. The exhibit features the photography of 16 participants,  suffering from mental health issues and expressing their voices and personal stories of recovery through the medium of  photography. Keep an eye on seechange.ie for info on more dates and venues for the exhibition.

Supervalu Food Academy

Ireland’s leading supermarket retailer’s ‘Food Academy’ initiative fosters small artisan food brands and offers them a space on the national market – a laudable project at a time when chain restaurants and multinational food companies are stamping out small business.
Going Down

Peak Protein

Protein has replaced ‘low-fat’ as the new buzzword on the food marketing scene – you cannot scroll through Instagram without seeing an (often subtle!) ad for brands such as MyProtein, Women’s Best and Optimum Nutrition. We have officially reached peak protein – you can even purchase protein water in many Irish supermarkets!!

Fruit Juice

High in sugar and calories and often low in fibre and nutrients, are processed fruit juices as damaging as soft drinks? According to Prof Donal O’Shea, Clinical Lead for Obesity at the HSE, all liquid calories are bad news. In conversation with Anthony King of the Irish Times, he stated: A liquid calorie has no satiety effect and it causes a rapid rise of sugar and then insulin in the blood. Insulin is a hunger hormone, so it can feed into the cycle of making you feel more hungry… and insulin is a hormone that encourages weight gain.” Food for thought!

Ciara Landy – Food & LifeStyle Editor