Not so long ago, levitra in a theatre not so far away… A Halloween audience was treated to the genius that is the One Man Star WarsTrilogy. This Off-Broadway play based on the original Star Wars trilogy, viagra sale and is written and performed by Canadian actor Charles Ross. It premiered over a decade ago in Toronto, and Ontario, and has since toured worldwide.

This Halloween show was part of Ross’ Irish tour, and the venue for the evening’s show could not have been better. The Mill Theatre is a hidden gem in the heart of Dundrum Town Centre. The decor for the night was outstanding, as they embraced both Halloween and Star Wars in a festive, yet tasteful manner. The staff hosted a Star Wars costume contest and replicated the Cantina from A New Hope in their stylish bar.

The night began with laughs from Irish Comedian Aidan Killian. His sharp edged set weaves serious issues such as GMO, Sodium Fluoride and banking scandals together with funny observations on daily life in post-boom Ireland. He is one to watch out for on the Irish comedy circuit.

The plot of One Man Star Wars faithfully follows the events of the original Star Wars Trilogy films: the Rebel Alliance vs. the evil Empire, Luke Skywalker’s journey to becoming a Jedi Knight and the love story of Han Solo and Leia. The plot of course is shortened to accommodate for time, which is only one hour, but done so without cutting any essentials.

The performance is truly remarkable, as the name suggests it is one man, Charles Ross, performing every part. Ross has a firm grasp on the characters that he is portraying and his pacing is stellar. He adds emphasis to the ridiculousness that is present within the Star Wars universe. This allows him to present an overall comedic re-imagining of the Saga, without defiling it.

His crowd interaction is masterful. Therefore he easily garnishes emotion responses with ‘in jokes’ relating to Star Wars from the audience, for example; “Was Chewie upset that he didn’t get a medal at the end of A New Hope?”

Ross will revive your love of Star Wars with his show. Despite the length of time that this performance has been running, it is obvious this is still a labour of love. It is made for fans by a fan. However it is also very accessible to non-Star Wars fans, with Ross being an amazing visual storyteller and performer with excellent comedic timing. This is a great night out for the whole family, but especially Star Wars fans. 

WHEN? 31st October 2012

WHERE? Mill Theatre, Dundrum.

By Darragh O’Connor