Hannah Redmond on the ethereal Art of Sergey Talkichkin’s Quiescence Exhibition


From Thursday 11th of September to Sunday 14th of September, The Little Museum of Dublin played host to the “Quiescence” exhibition by Sergey Talichkin. Talichkin, a graduate of Fine Arts, based in Dun Laoighaire works mainly in oils. The quirky and charming venue served to amplify the impact of Talichkin’s work upon the spectator.

Quiescence is defined as a state of quiet and inactive restfulness. The aptly named exhibition encourages inner reflection. In my opinion much of Talichkin’s work portrays a psychic landscape. His work plunges the spectator into the phantasmagoric realm of the mind. Talichkin’s strong use of Chiaroscuro adds depth and dimension to the psychic landscape portrayed in his paintings. In addition, his paintings have a haunting presence as there is a strong sense of mystery and power protruding from them. Perhaps this serves to mirror the power and mystery of the mind. Talichkin’s striking use of colour has a very aesthetic effect on the spectator. Though much of his work conveys power and strength, paintings such as “New Rising”, “Right this Moment” and “Ambient Blue” purvey an inner peace and have an extremely soothing and calming influence.

Talichkin is undoubtedly an extremely talented but also a successful artist as I could not help but notice the many red sold dots on much of his work. Though the exhibition will be finished by time the College Tribune goes to print, his work can be viewed on www.sergeytalichkin.com or in his Dun Laoghaire gallery.

Furthermore The Little Museum of Dublin will be hosting the Santa Rita Concerts 2014/2015.  The quaint St. Stephens Green venue will be holding a Santa Rita wine reception, a pre-concert interview with performances ranging from baroque violin to reeds and electronics from September to March.

– Hannah Redmond