Fresh off the back of featuring on the ‘VSN vs The World’ charity mixtape, Galway’s KETTAMA has released his first E.P ‘G-town001’ under the ‘G-town Records’ label. The label is run by KETTAMA himself and DJ Shampain. This is KETTAMA’s fourth official release and while it may only contain three tracks, there is much to appreciate about the quality and consistency of the E.P.

We Plant The Roses: 

The E.P’s first track is arguably the best, with KETTAMA In his prime. The heavy hitting techno track comes with a rumbling bass and a distorted synth melody. KETTAMA has been experimenting with different textures on his latest releases, and ‘We Plant The Roses’ is an example of his experimental ideas paying off. It works out brilliantly and is a ready-made festival bopper. 

5 Pound Spesh:

The following track takes on a slightly darker techno feel to it. It’s definitely not for the light-hearted, or someone who’s just started listening to techno. There is no doubt that the industrial and fast paced nature of ‘5- pound Spesh’ will get your blood pressure up. Expect this to be on rinse in a Berlin basement, or in the early hours of a Galway nightclub.


The final track see’s KETTAMA return to using some airy synths, Similar to ones on his massive hit ‘Temperature Rising’. The drop includes a beautiful piano loop over a distorted and bouncy bassline. The drums really are the highlight of this track. They’re often unpredictable but create the chaotic atmosphere that is the epitomises the E.P as a whole.

Overall, this is a solid release from G-town Records and KETTAMA. I don’t expect this to be a quiet summer for the Galway native, or the label in general. I’m looking forward to seeing whats down the pipeline, and with outdoor spaces looking to be used effectively, more releases such as ‘G-town001’ could be played out in parks and towns all across Ireland.

Luke Murphy, Co-Editor