As someone who spent the summer months almost exclusively listening to painfully unironic, post-emo songs about beer and basements, I was unprepared for the phenomenon that was 100 gecs’ newest release.

1000 gecs

1000 gecs is the first full-length release from Laura Les and Dylan Brady. The album started trending on Twitter in record time, swiftly expanding their audience past the Soundcloud niche. They combine about a dozen alt genre trends onto a 23 minute record that if I wanted to describe as anything other than “experimental” it would just be an over-hyphenated genre conglomerate, that frankly, I don’t have the word count for. All you need to know is that in the midst of a electro-rap-pop-punk record, there’s always room for a ska song about horse racing.

So if you’re looking for an album to play out loud, and then have to explain to whatever boring people you may happen to live with, this might be it.


Kasia O’Connor – Music Writer