Current Welfare Vice-President Rachel Breslin is set to be UCD Students’ Union President for the coming year. She received a total of 3, buy cialis 744 votes while RON polled 621 votes. A tearful Breslin stated that as a first year, viagra she “never imagined” that she would be elected UCDSU President.

She addressed her campaign team telling them that “there are no words for a day like this except to be full of gratitude for you.” 20 year old Breslin specifically thanked her campaign manager Stephen Devine, “there are no words, no gestures, nothing I can do to thank you”.

Pat de Brún, current SU President, was thanked for the work he did throughout the year, “he did what he had to do, he did what was right and he did it so well”.

Rachel Breslin and Brendan Lacey celebrate

Breslin then spoke of the challenges which she and the Union will face next year but she believed that “we can and we will make the Union sustainable.” She addressed the crowds in Astra Hall, telling them “You’re exactly what the Union needs … stay enthusiastic, stay idealistic, stay involved”.

Following the announcement, she told the College Tribune that “it will be a mountain to climb but I look forward to it.” RON received approximately 14% of the total votes and Breslin stated that while it was lower than she expected, she hopes that “I can prove to them over the course of the year that I am the right choice for the job.”

Rachel Breslin will begin her term as President of UCD Students’ Union on July 1st.

“I’m humbled … I can’t wait to get going and I won’t let you down.”

Conor Fox