seek serif;”>Amor matris

 see serif; color: #1a1a1a;”>The sun is here, rx soon to go,

A fleeting time to admire its glow,

Full of glory for all to see,

We adore your rays – as do the leaves.

Walking alone upon the shore,

I wait until you are no more,

For now, everything appears so beautiful –

The sea and sand and squawking gulls.

O what a wonder is this Earth –

And you, my sun, hold the vital berth.

Bringer of light and life where’er you go,

The only God I wish to know.

Hail now, beneficence! – at times malign:

Scorched earth, hunger, drought and dying.

But I, suffused by the warmth that you endow,

Still choose, now, here, to kneel and bow.

 – Jonny Baxter

Two Hundred Thousand…

two hundred
thousand soldiers,
with axes
and wolves,
and angry bears,
are chasing after me.

and I’ve stopped
just for a second
(as I see them in the distance
getting closer, and crosser)
to write this to tell
you that they
will. never. catch. me.
I can do anything,
crazy as I am.

and so I will.

and I will
and I will
that I will.

– NJ

Sleeping Bag Saved

Eyebrows arched eyes angry. Unhappy man. “What is that around your neck sir?”
“A cape!” Almost shouted – laughed out back at him.
“A cape, sir?” All the same. Unmoving (going to have to move).
Toothy smile “Indeed!” The fool survives. “Is there some problem?”
Maddened eyes – power at stake you see. “It is a bit unorthodox, sir.”
Reply immediately. No time for him to blink breathe think. “Unusual would perhaps be more accurate!”
He leans over to his left. Shirt sweating tie suffocating. Half the gateway opens. He eyes me afraid. (He should be). Muffled whispers with an accomplice of his. Quite justified – he’s in trouble. Stand with my hands on my hips, elbows triangled out, feet shoulder width apart. A superhero.
He makes small steps back to face me. Heavy steps. Feel a bit sorry for him just then. Looks at me for a moment, straight, then moves to the side and without moving his mouth lets out “Ok, go on through sir.” I look at him and he looks past me. Hoping wishing pretending I had never arrived.
Time for a celebration. “Thank you sir! Have a great day!” Giant spread out smile. He stares ahead. I wag my head up and down before him, eyes closed. Stride through the gate then. Spin round on my heel. Fling my cape out – big wide red sleeping bag circle. He’s already moved on to the rest of the queue. Good men. Good women. All plainly ignoring him. Looking at me and grinning.
I strike a pose, hoist a merry middle finger in the air aimed at the sad back turned to me, and walk on to the plane.

(For all my known and unknown friends and enemies who have fell fowl of some small mind airport luggage inspecting bastards – tyranny)

– D.M.