Photos by Danny Lambert & Donie O’Sullivan



8 thoughts on “Our favourite “Stop Fees” signs

  1. “Ginger’s have a right to!”

    The person who wrote this is clearly uneducateable.Therefore how about we remove them from college and put them into a forced labour camp? That way you not only save resources and money trying to educate that person, but you also kick-start the economy with a cheap increase in industrial output. Then we have no need for fees and that person is safely removed from society.

    1. You missed out the space at the end of your first sentence – off to the ovens with you, my good man!

  2. The images are quite obvious and in my view poorly executed . I was at the march and there were many more subtle images availabl- these are just an unsophisticated perspective, juvenile and ‘lacking’. I am not impressed.

    1. In fairness, I think these are just meant to be funny, not that serious. Even the one of the kid is kind of funny if you think about it. There’ll probably be other ones that are more serious.

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