Over the past year, there have been no less than four occasions on which I had the chance to see Le Galaxie play live. For a plethora of reasons, not one of these instances actually saw me stand in front of the band decked out, as would only be appropriate, in an all-ice white ensemble embellished with pink or purple shutter and shades.

Most recently, at Electric Picnic, the Dublin foursome were billed at the same time on Sunday night as Florence + the Machine. Of course in a situation like this, Florence at what may be the peak of her touring career won out. I could, in all fairness, have parked myself in front of any stage and been happy out for the evening. While I don’t regret missing out on seeing Alastair Higgins, Anthony Hyland, David McGloughlin, and Michael Pope work their magic in front of a crowd, I certainly won’t be absent the next time the opportunity to see them arises.

So, to the next best thing. ‘Le Club’ on 180gm vinyl. The heavily 80s influenced album artwork lets listeners know from the get go what they’re getting into. There’s synths for days, vibey disco beats, and ballads that just won’t quit. Le Galaxie have a big sound that commands attention from the very start, but more than that; they’re extremely fun to the point of almost being a guilty pleasure. To paraphrase Johnny Depp’s George Jung from the 2001 film Blow,

This is 100% pure cocaine for the ears, ladies and gentlemen. Disco shit. Pure as the driven snow.

The entire thing, from the album artwork with its pinks and blues, to the white vinyl in which the record is pressed, to the actual tracks themselves reminds me – bear with me here – of a kind of polished, cleaned up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Cast your mind back to late 2002. Every track on this album, every single one, would fit right in on Flash FM.

This is one of the more expensive records I’ve picked up at €20, but that’s to be expected to a certain extent when a release is brought out on a major label. It’a a credit to the lads and their success that they’ve been picked up by Universal Music, so fingers crossed that support will do good things for them on the international stage.

For your money, you’re getting two snow white 180gm records in a gatefold sleeve. There’s also a digital download included which is great, because you can lash the tracks on your phone and listen away to your heart’s content whenever you please.  Standout tracks include ‘Humanise’, title track ‘Le Club’, and ‘Carmen’. Though it has to be said, each of the tunes on the album is solid.

Alternating between dancy beats and more slowed down pieces, hook after hook will keep your attention right through Le Club. Having very recently signed a deal with reservoir media management whose roster includes the likes of MØ, Major Lazer and Lil’ Jon, there’s no question that disco never died, it just stepped out for a bit.

Le Galaxie
Le Club
Universal Music Ireland

€20, Tower Records
Digital Download: Yes

A – Put the Chain On, Humanise, Streetheart
B – Le Club, Tell me Twice, CNNXN, Lucy is Here,

C – A.M. L.A., P.M. L.A., Love System, Who, Us?
D – Chauffeur of Love, Carmen, Freeway Flyer

With the vinyl revival on the up, ‘One from the Crate’ highlights releases from the Irish artists putting out their stuff on black and white. Many of these releases are self-published or are put out through small independent labels and can be hard to find. There’s no list to work off, just lucky finds in Dublin’s record shops. Think there’s something we should take a look at? Let us know. Email


  • Seán O’Reilly, Editor Volume 29
    This Article originally appeared in Volume 29, Issue 3 published October 13th 2015