GlimmermenIf you’re looking for something to cheer you up, let this be it. Glimmermen’s sound is a punchy, bombastic mix of ska and old school rock and roll which proves to be a real treat for the ears. The trio behind the tunes have a long history in the Irish music business, and the confidence that goes with that hard won time and practice shines through on both sides.

Title track ‘I’m Dead’ is a sure fire moover and shaker which features some strikingly profound lyrics backed up by a bobbing bassline anc cheery horns. This kind of juxtaposition flows from the moment the needle drops and makes for some very interesting listening. All said, it’s a solid record that you can pop on and listen to right the way through very comfortably.

Standout tracks include the aforementioned ‘I’m Dead’, ‘This Town and ‘Home’. At €15 it’s pricier than most records I’d consider picking up, but the black and white album artwork, which appears to be influenced in some way by sugar skulls, drew me in.

The lads are preparing to head into the studio in early 2016 to record a follow up album, so snatch these up while you still can.

I’m Dead
Transduction Records

€15, Tower Records
Digital Download: Yes

A – I’m Dead, Last Song, Ex=Out, Angels & Devils
B – This Town, Believe Me, Peace At Last, Home

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  • Seán O’Reilly, Editor Volume 29
    [This article Originally appeared in Vol. 29, Issue 5 published November 8th 2015]