For UCD students returning to campus one of the major questions in peoples minds is what to do if they contract coronavirus. Do you know what will happen if you catch the virus?

UCD’s Covid-19 measures include a Student Health Declaration, as well as self-isolation rooms for positive cases. For those living in University Residences, this is of particular importance due to the large volume of people living in close proximity. 

Public health guidelines state that if you experience symptoms such as a cough or a fever (high temperature – 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 F) or above) that you should contact a GP over the phone. For those living on or near campus, UCD Student Health Services are available. If you are unwell and have had contact with a confirmed coronavirus case or come from an affected area, it is recommended that you call 017163134/3133 or 01 420 0880 out of hours.

The University’s procedure should a student living on campus test positive. for coronavirus is as follows: “UCD has a strong support structure in place to ensure the welfare of our students.  If a Covid-19 positive case arises in the residences the University supports, including Health and Counselling, will apply HSE guidelines at the time to ensure appropriate medical advice and support is followed.” 

Additionally, the UCD Residences website confirms that isolation rooms are available: “UCD Residences team have set aside a number of rooms for any student who may require a period of restricted movement on medical advice during their stay in UCD Residences.” 

Additionally, as a part of their ‘Short guide for students returning to campus”, UCD have included a Student Health Declaration. Here, students must confirm that “If diagnosed with COVID-19, I undertake to not enter UCD campus facilities, or attend UCD organised events, until my doctor has advised that it is safe to do so.” While the majority of classes are being delivered at distance, this may have some impact on those not living in Residences. For those that are, the declaration also reads, “If I am a UCD resident, I will not leave my accommodation to attend class or use any University facilities until such time as I have been advised by a doctor that it is safe for me to do so.” 

Emer Nolan – Reporter