We at the investigative wing of the Bollege Bribune have spent many many minutes investigating UCD’s most invigorating rumour… is Deeks hiding the Eiffel Tower somewhere on campus? After pictures surfaced on social “misleadia” appearing to show that the Eifel Tower was hidden somewhere on campus, we intrepid journalisms decided to dig a little deeper into Deeks alleged misdeeds.

The Rumour: Andrew Deeks stole the Eiffel tower with the aim of holding it hostage to raise capital to build EVEN MORE student accommodation on campus!

The Eiffel tower was constructed from 1887 to 1889 as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair to be hosted in Paris itself. In the years since then, the tower has become an internationally recognised icon of the country of France. Why now are first years reporting having seen the tower on UCD’s Belfield Campus?

Speaking to the Bollege Bribune, a first-year Animal & Crop Production student, Michael Fitz-Mac-O’Gara said, “Ah Jaysus bai, I’m telling ya, what else was I seeing shticking up over the nursing building as I walked to the gah fields sure? The fecking Eiffel Tower was shtaring back at me. I’ve never seen the likes of it before bai.”

Clearly, these are serious accusations which the Turbine and Bollege Bribune have spent at least 25 minutes investigating and managed to get these photos of the Tower before it is removed or hidden…

Is the Eiffel Tower hidden by UCD on campus?

Giving comment to the Bollege Bribune for the first time in 18 months, UCD Communications responded to the charges saying: “Are you serious? It’s clearly just the RTÉ radio tower? Is this actually what you people have stooped to?” Clearly, UCD is covering something up, so the As Fócus team have judged this myth as…

The ‘Beagán As Fócas’ Decision

Inconclusive: We busters of myths have decided that along with the slightly pretentious idea of writing our name in Irish, this myth is just slightly beyond the comprehension of the current crack team of investigative journalists.

Written and investigated by The Beagán As Fócas Team in conjunction with The Campus Wasp

(Ghostwritten by Dugh Hooley)