Rachel O’Neill, Co-Editor

The College Tribune has managed to survive the year under Jack Power’s tyrannical rule and he has begrudgingly handed over the reins of power to myself Rachel O’Neill and Cian Carton. It’s a daunting task to follow in the footsteps of an editorial team who managed to win Student Newspaper of the year 2017 at the Smedias. When asked how I was going to follow on from Jack, I simply said that I couldn’t. Thus, it’s time for Cian and I to establish our own totalitarian regime. Some would question the legitimacy of a newspaper becoming a dictatorship but here at the Tribune we enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

To start with, as a neuroscientist I’ve declared that we must have a science section while Cian has instated a new Business and Law section so he can write about highbrow things that the rest of us just don’t understand. We will also be keeping with tradition of annoying the UCD hierarchy as much as possible with our tried and tested brand of investigative journalism. We do this without any sort of funding from UCD or the SU. We do it for the love of the story but also because there’s nothing more entertaining than sticking it to the “man”.

Both Cian and I are really excited for the coming year and we hope to bring you stories and publish your own contributions that you care about. We also want to publish pieces that really make you think. From accommodation to the 8th amendment, from sports to fashion, we’ll be here all year to make sure that UCD students are well informed of what’s happening around them. For example, our lead story this issue is about the residency rates within UCD accommodation. Students are under severe pressure to find accommodation and the fact that these residences are fully booked when they cost up to €9,000 a year shows the desperation that many students are facing.

Keep an eye out for the paper this year and we’ll keep an eye on the UCD hierarchy so you don’t have to.

Cian Carton, Co-Editor

Welcome to Volume XXXI of the College Tribune. Despite his best efforts, Jack Power failed to get the paper kicked off campus last year, but we can always try to one up him. While Jack was busy making himself well known in the Tierney Building, George Hannaford’s redesign of the Tribune flew slightly under the radar. His continued help with design, particularly the fashion section in this issue, is appreciated.

Over the past four years, I’ve been fortunate to come across many people who have helped me more than the ever should have. From the Observer, the editors of Volumes XX and XXI are responsible for my early career in student journalism. If you want to blame someone about the quality of articles in this paper, then complain to Killian Woods and Kevin Beirne for continually giving me the chance to report the news back when I was in first year. I haven’t stopped writing since; I still don’t know whether that’s good or bad….

Cormac Duffy and David Corscadden were either wise or foolish enough to keep me on. James Brady was always a friendly face in the office. I will never forget showing up to a pre-Smedias party, not knowing anyone in the paper, only to be greeted by James and his moustache who then proceeded to show me the shark he drew on the map with directions to his house. Classic James.

A few departures (bye Yvanne!) also helped me move up the ranks. A special thank you to Megan Fanning for quitting the paper to run for election, there was only ever room for one News Editor! From the Tribune side, Sean O’Reilly and Una Power were always willing to run my ideas and taught an old dog some new tricks. Jack and George? It’s like they never left.

Looking forward, Rachel and I can’t wait to extend these same opportunities to all of you. Whether you just want to read the paper or get involved, do not be afraid to get in touch, for the paper belongs to everyone.