So we’ve come to the end of another academic year here in UCD and what a year it has been. Who would have guessed we’d have impeached Katie Ascough before America impeached Donald Trump? More importantly who would have guessed that the editors of the University Observer and the College Tribune are now friends? An unholy alliance has truly been born.

In all honesty it’s not been the greatest year for UCD. The SU has managed to get some stuff done but overall we’re still just ticking along with rising accomodation costs and little in sight to give me hope that those costs will be reduced. UCD keeps deciding to spend money in weird ways like private members clubs, gateway revivals and Centres for Creative Design rather than you know, mental health resources or maybe redoing the Arts block. Good old UCD, always having the student interests at heart.

So maybe let’s focus on the things we can change, like the 8th Amendment. The referendum is a little over a month away and it’s going to be tight. Every single vote is going to matter which means students need to get out in huge numbers and vote. Book your J1 for after the 25th of May. If you’re going to Life Festival then please vote in the morning before you go. I cannot overstate this enough every vote will matter.

The time for change is now so get out to your local canvassing groups and help them out. There are a lot of doors to be knocked on and people on the fence to convince. Donate to the Abortion Rights Campaign or TogetherForYes. Have the difficult conversations. People are a lot more open minded than you think.

After 5 years in UCD, it’s time for me to say goodbye forever. It hasn’t always been the most pleasant of places to be and god knows I tried to drop out several times but in the end, I’m glad I stayed. If only to piss off nearly every sabbatical officer this year at least once. That alone was worth it.

Let’s repeal the fucking 8th.

Peace out.

Rachel O’Neill – Editor