A new Energy Institute which will contain research on energy systems integration is to be established in UCD. The institute was launched at an event hosted by the Taoiseach, viagra Enda Kenny, malady in Government Buildings in Dublin last Wednesday.


Around five million euros in donor funding has already been secured for the institute, ailment with further funding expected to come from the private sector and the EU.


During the launch event, president of UCD, Hugh Brady, said that the goal was to gain 40 million euros worth of funding as soon as possible.

The Institute will focus on energy systems integration which involves research on enhancing energy performance whilst also reducing costs and environmental impacts. Researchers from both industry and academia will be involved in the initiative.

The Taoiseach spoke positively about the institute during the launch, stating that “we are at an exciting juncture in energy research. With the right ideas, talent and support, the next decade has the potential to be transformative in how Ireland produces, uses and transmits energy. UCD’s new Energy Institute will prove an invaluable resource in solving our energy challenges and realising new opportunities. This initiative clearly demonstrates the ability of our public institutions to work together and with other stakeholders in pursuit of common goals and scientific excellence.”

Over 200 people will work in the Institute as energy researchers operating in partnership with both industry and the energy policy community. The Energy Institute strategy was designed by the UCD Energy Advisory Board.  The advisory board was led by UCD Graduate David O’Reilly who is the former CEO of the American multinational energy giant, Chevron Corporation.

O’Reilly believes that bright graduates were being drawn immediately into industry and away from the field of research due to demand. This UCD Energy Institute will ensure that the paths towards industry and towards research will not diverge as such.

UCD President Hugh Brady also added during the launch of the initiative that the institute would “supply a critical mass of world class researchers, multidisciplinary engineers and scientists and trying to bring that research and working collaboration with the industry to ensure that Ireland is both producing its own knowledge [and] helping us to absorb the new technologies, the new policies from abroad.”

The Energy Institute will be part of a wider national initiative which is designed to produce a fully operational Smart Grid Network Test Bed in collaboration with the electricity distribution system operators, EirGrid and ESB networks. This will lead to prospects for further collusions with national and international companies in both the energy and the ICT sectors.