The UCD Students’ Union in association with the Student Residents association have launched a campaign to promote the wellbeing of students living on campus.

The ‘College X’ initiative is organising a series of weekly events over the first semester of college to promote the mental and physical health of students, particularly those living in campus accommodation. Events will include coffee sessions, a comedy festival, film screenings, and various other activities over the first 13 weeks of the college year.

Graduate Education Officer Anabel Castaneda has stated, “This new programme is really a chance for us to engage with new students in UCD. The social events for College X are non-alcoholic and give students a chance to gather together and relax. Starting September 16th there will be an event each week for students to attend. An extra encouragement for students to attend is that they will be entered into a drawing to win weekly prizes such as e-readers, food vouchers, Red Bull, and much more.

The initiative has been launched to help students ease stress and homesickness, as well as promoting a healthy balance between study and recreational activities.  It is suspected that the College X initiative will lighten the burden on an over-strained mental health service for students such as guidance councillors on campus. The mental health promotional group ‘Please Talk’ will also be hosting a coffee evening just before the Christmas exams as part of the program.

A spokesperson for UCD Residences has stated, “The UCD Residences Reslife programme promotes community and involvement in Residences and we are delighted to support the UCD Students’ Union roll out of this new initiative College X. There are a lot of fun events running throughout the year so check out the UCD Reslife Facebook page and get involved.”