Students that are currently renting properties from Aparto student accommodation in Montrose have been told they are not in a position to receive a refund. Despite many students having to return to family homes both in Ireland and abroad, Aparto maintain their accommodation is “still safe.”

Grace, a student tenant at Aparto Montrose spoke to the Tribune about the matter. She told us that she requested a refund as she had to move back to her home county.  Aparto responding saying the company was in no position to grant a refund on rent for the remainder of her letting.

UCD has also announced that any student who does not avail of the full length of their rental term shall receive a “pro-rata” rebate starting one week after their departure from residences. 

Aparto told their students that “Montrose Is still a safe place to stay and we are not closing down the building.”

It is due to the accommodation remaining open that Aparto have said they are “not in a position to give refunds.”

Aparto have also said that students would be “allowed sublet to a student that is approved by Aparto” for the remainder of the lease.

UCD student and Aparto resident Nicolas spoke to the Tribune about the letting companies’ attitude towards refunds, describing them as “unforgiving”.

“Given that students pay over 1000 euro a month for a small bedroom and a shared kitchen it’s unfortunate there’s no rent forgiveness. Montrose are quite notorious for being a bit unforgiving with anything regarding payments. I guess that’s how things work, and they can get away with it” 

Aparto Montrose have not responded to the Tribune’s enquiry on refund policies.

This information has come to light days after the Irish government issued severe restrictions on movement and only permitted interaction within one’s family unit. All non-essential workplaces have shut, leaving many without a source of income.


Luke Murphy – Reporter