See that phone in your hand?  How about put it aside for a minute to read this article? Not capable of doing it, seek huh? Didn’t think so. Firstly, ed I don’t blame you. I’m sure stalking that person’s page on Facebook is much more important then what I’ve got to say. However, buy just try ignoring your phone for a little while and see if my words make a difference.

Technology is so important in the world of college, it’s our biggest means of communication. Need to talk to a lecturer? Gmail. Need to keep in touch with the events of your course? Facebook. Want to brag or moan about life? Twitter. How about sending a flirty pic to that guy you’re crushing on? Snapchat. There’s an app for everything that has deprived us of human interaction. You may think I’m over exaggerating, and maybe I am, but I’ve walked into the silence of a room where everybody is too glued to their phone to try and converse. What’s worse is when you’re the one trying to make conversation and the person beside you is half focused  on talking to you and half focused on making the perfect pout for their Snapchat. Or when you’re trying your best to make conversation and the person beside you is clearly uninterested as they scroll down their news feed.  That’s just harsh and not to mention ant-social. When the other person is so preoccupied with their phone it just leaves you feeling awkward as you fumble with your phone, trying to look busy.

Where have manners gone these days? Maybe I’m being ridiculous and you’re scoffing at me right now. If so, fair enough. However, in my opinion it’s just rude and impolite. When you’re talking to someone, it’s nice to give them your full attention. Really listening and engaging with a person in conversation is one of the nicest ways you can show a person you care. You value their company, so why waste that time on your phone? I know there comes that awkward gap in the conversation where you both have nothing else to say, but that doesn’t mean you resort to your phone! Obviously you can’t force conversation, but I know you’re capable of finding something to talk about! The amount of topics are endless! You’re being downright lazy if you don’t try!

As I said, I understand that technology is important in college life when it comes to communication, but do you really need to be on your phone every single minute of your life? You’re seriously missing out on the wonderful things surrounding you! And not to mention annoying the people around you. If you’re surrounded by really nice friends, odds are they aren’t going to tell you off. They’ll just adjust to your behaviour and roll their eyes to heaven. So I’m being a true friend here giving you this wake up call to put away that god damn phone!  I know there’s free wifi on campus, the bus and the train, so obviously the temptation is strong, but try resist! Unless it’s an emergency, it’s possible to put down that phone and appreciate the company you have. Weeks are flying by now and soon, it will be summer, and then you’ll be back here for another year or maybe you’ll be abroad or maybe you’ll be finished for good. We meet these great friends in college that we make for life, but we haNamra Amir explores our lack of social etiquette when it comes to mobile technology….

ven’t got long with them. So for a little while put away your phone and cherish the moments you have with them.

By Namra Amir.