Niamh Crosbie defends Katie Hopkins controversial persona….

She’s been stirring up trouble on-screen and off since 2006, drugstore and has kicked off more than her fair share of controversies in that time. Say what you may about Katie Hopkins, ambulance but there’s one fact that not one of us can deny – the woman’s got guts. Who else would go live on Irish television and make such devastating assumptions about the role of the Irish Mammy? Who else has the confidence to admit that even her own name doesn’t quite meet her impossibly high standards? Katie Hopkins, that’s who.

Now, I’m not saying that you should go around damning people’s beliefs for the fun of it, but if “honest”, “brave”, and “opinionated” are three words that you wish to add to your personal character profile in the coming months, then you’re not alone.

Here are the three essential tips for life that we should take from Katie herself.

  1. Do not back down.

If you watch any Katie interview, you will pick up on the fact that every television host or guest speaker will side distinctly against Katie’s views. Having debated with some of TV’s most outspoken personalities, she refuses to go back on, or even apologise for, anything she has said or done in the past.

Not only that, but she willingly places herself in the role of Britain’s Most Hated, and does that break her? Of course not! Katie says what she wants, when she wants to say it, and doesn’t let anybody – even the general public – tear her down.

  1. Avoid hypocrisy.

She’s been called a “B” by our very own Ryan Tubridy on national television, and much worse on Facebook and Twitter, but there’s one thing that Katie cannot be accused of being, and that is a hypocrite. Katie fully admits to being outspoken, ugly, and to having a fairly average name by her own standards.

Don’t let other people’s opinions, or sloppy, misguided statements on your own behalf, lead you down the road of contradicting yourself. There is nothing more detestable than someone who doesn’t practise what they preach, even if what they preach is unthinkable in other peoples’ books.

(Though that’s not a suggestion to name your daughter India, and then state on television that “India” is not related to a location….)

  1. Laugh at yourself.

A self-confessed and proud “horse-face”, Katie Hopkins has never let her appearance hold her back, nor does she resent it. She understands how the world works, and that you can’t have everything going for you.  A huge part of Katie’s personality is her ability to laugh off the outrageous comments that are made about her, and this is a valuable lesson for everyone to keep in mind throughout our lives.

Love her or hate her; choose one and stick to it. That’s what Katie would do!