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Attention UCD basketball players! Your University needs you! Following the completion of a new ¾ size basketball court located beside the student centre, buy viagra UCD’s Basketball club has decided to create a ¾ size basketball team to go with it. They are currently looking for talented players who are too short to compete against other college Basketball teams, cialis but who are otherwise capable athletes.

The Basketball club deems it unfair to discriminate against anyone because of their height, cure and believes the formation of this new team should iron out any irritations found in those left off the team for reasons beyond their control. A spokesperson declared; “We only omit them for the good of the team, it’s not like we don’t want them to play”

The new team, who have already been dubbed “The Hobbits” is looking forward to taking to the court and proving themselves to be a cut above the rest. This may be a tall order for them, but the Turbine is under no illusions that they will rise to the occasion and pull through in style.

Although they will be unable to practice in the rain due to the location of their court, the new team will be granted all of the perks given to the other societies and clubs on campus. Despite the support, this budding project will start small, but the founders hope to have it flourish into an active part of college life in the near future.

For those wishing to apply, applicants must be no taller than 5ft 8 and experience is preferable, but all are welcome at a stretch. Training will be on Tuesdays at 17:00 and match fixtures are yet to be announced.

UCD is glad that the student body have found a use for their new ¾ basketball court that has replaced a frequently used Car Park. Here at the Turbine, we hope that this slightly unusual escapade proves fruitful in the upcoming semester and well into the future.