Regardless of whether you’re a guy or a girl, patient skincare is something that everyone should be thinking about on some level or another. A mere scrub of the face with your shampoo while you’re in the shower just won’t cut it if you want to avoid looking like a piece of old leather by the time you’re 55. However, ambulance there is no need to waste your pennies on fancy lotions and potions either; there is a happy medium to be found here, and we’ve done the research for you.

If you rifle through the average girl’s bathroom cabinet, there’s a good chance you’ll be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and masks we slather onto our skin everyday. However, a good skincare routine boils down to two very simple components: cleanser and moisturiser. A morning cleanse can really energise the skin, as well as clearing away the sweat and sebum that accumulate on the skin during the night. Similarly, washing your face in the evening will rid your skin of any dirt and pollutants that you might come into contact with during the day. Try the Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash (€5.79); its alcohol-free formula won’t dry out the skin and it won’t break the bank either.



A moisturiser is also key for your skin to retain its hydration levels and to prevent it becoming overly dry. Oily skin which is being stripped of its natural oils by harsh products and cold winter weather will react by producing excess oils in order to replenish what’s being lost (possibly leading to pimples), whereas dryer skin types will feel tight and sore without moisturiser, especially during the winter. The L’Oréal Men Expert All-in-1 Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin (€8.39) sinks into the skin effortlessly without leaving a greasy film, while also soothing razor burn and protecting the skin from dryness.



Those are the basics of skincare for all you menfolk; the essentials are straightforward, and then it’s entirely up to yourself to add any extra steps for particular concerns. Those prone to acne may benefit from using something like the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ cream (€17.99) to combat blemishes and red marks, while guys who tend to have excess redness may benefit from a product like the Avène Redness Relief Moisturising Protecting Cream with SPF 20 (€21.99). If you can find skincare with built-in SPF it’s a huge bonus, especially for guys who spend a lot of time outdoors. SPF protects against both rapid ageing and skin cancer, so it’s a no-brainer when it’s built into your moisturiser!

la-roche-posay-effaclar-duo  Av_egrave_ne_Antirougeurs_Jour_Redness_Relief_Moisturizing_Protecting_Cream_40ml_1400159782


With good quality skincare costing so little these days, it’s definitely worth a try!

Emily O’Brien