The College Tribune has tonight been contacted by a spokesperson for Montrose Student Living  in relation to the delays in construction of the property.

Contrary to reports published on Sunday last that stated that construction of the property would be delayed until the end of September, a contact for the organisation tonight informed the Tribune that the delay could be as little as ‘two weeks,’

‘Despite our best efforts, the opening of two floors of the Montrose Student Residence will be delayed. This is due to an unanticipated level of work required to bring a very old building up to the high standards we demand. 58 students are affected by a delay of up to two weeks,’ said Georgina Wade, property manager for the Montrose accommodation.

Ms. Wade went on to inform the Tribune of the measures being taken to ensure as little inconvenience as possible is caused to the new residents.
‘All of the students affected have now been contacted and informed and are satisfied with Ziggurat’s proposed compensation package and arrangements.  This includes September free, €200 per week compensation, alternative accommodation paid for by
Ziggurat and a year’s subscription to their choice of a music or movie service.

We’re confident that we can resolve the issue quickly, and to everyone’s satisfaction. We consulted with the Students Union in UCD, and the Accommodation Officer, and both were more than satisfied with the offers we are making to the affected students,’ she concluded.

Anyone seeking more information can contact the Montrose Student Living team via email or phone +353 (0) 873 854 554.