Podcaster Joe has attracted controversy again by taking on the much-contested SU Election.

In a three hour long podcast with current SU president Conor Anderson, Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris (who never graduated from college) and UCD president Andre Deekz, Joe Rogan covered the SU election in UCD and a range of other topics including diet, fitness, weed, sensory deprivation for transcendent experiences, MMA, WWE, DMT and hate speech laws.

Appearing through a zoom link, SU election candidates came on to discuss issues such as artificial intelligence in the James Joyce library, political correctness at the secret lake, an engineering student who is unfortunately named “Alexandra Jones”, and Katie Ascough’s new Netflix standup special.

The highlight of the podcast was undoubtedly when Elon Musk arrived and talked for 28 minutes about a documentary he saw on how an earthquake could destroy Hoover Dam and cause irrigation failures all across Northern California.

When issues surrounding the future of in-person education in UCD came up, Joe Rogan decisively stated “Fuck that man! Come to Texas, we don’t have any lockdown going on here. You can get your hair cut, you can go and perform standup, you can do anything man”, which prompted praise from current and prospective SU members alike.

In addressing the state of the University Observer, Joe Rogan stated “It’s crazy man, you take a paper like the UO or the New York Times, and you see this, like, deterioration in content. The Harpy used to be the funniest fucking satire section in UCD, but then they blacklisted Congo Jack and they haven’t published a good article since”.

Congo Jack – Counting on your Vote