Third year commerce students came out of a lecture this past Monday in which a lecturer had been thoroughly confused by technology. Half way through the class the professor said he wanted to show students a YouTube video. However, things didn’t go as planned. ‘The video had finished and still he couldn’t figure out the sound’. His calls for help from any ‘tech-savvy kids’ repeatedly went unanswered. ‘It was just on mute but nobody said anything’ outlined one shaken student.

However, this is not a one-time occurrence ‘this sort of stuff happens all the time with this guy’, one student told The Turbine, ‘but what was sad is that it was so simple to solve.’ ‘This old thing is probably dusty’ the lecturer said at one point, wiping the screen after he finished jiggling the cables at the back of the computer.

He kept saying that it would take a take a few minutes to ‘warm up’, but we all knew that isn’t the truth explained one student. It was only when the whole video was over that a student in the front row went up to help him. A second student adds, ‘the whole thing kind of made me feel sad. I called my dad when we the lecture finished’.


Jess Walshe  Turbine Writer