Carrie Bradshaw, ed the fictional narrator of Sex and the City is without a doubt an iconic fashion figure, hospital she lives and breathes style always expressing her own personal taste, medical wearing things which only she could pull off.

She defies all categorization. Bradshaw is a New York columnist and fashionista. She looks too the lives of her friends for inspiration for her column and does not shy away from difficult or personal subjects. Her personality and shines through to the people of New York through her column.

What makes her so admirable is her confidence when it comes to fashion. She certainly has quite an eclectic, individual style which reflects her fun, light hearted personality so well.

Bradshaw isn’t afraid to be experimental with fashion. She may not always get it quite right but isn’t that what fashion is all about? It takes one who is willing to take risks to grab people’s attention which she certainly does.

For Carrie any day is a dress up day, she doesn’t wait around for an event to wear something new or unusual. She shows that trends can be a part of your own style or used to expand your style but should not be followed religiously.

Carrie shows that no matter what your age, there is room to have fun with fashion. She does not grow out of her playful style as she becomes older but is all the daring.

She inspires women to be open minded to the world of fashion, to embrace and enjoy it. No matter what comes her way, heartbreak, aging, struggles with writing inspiration for her column she never loses sight if herself and her identity. She shows that personal style is not something which should be sacrificed with the emergence of a new phase of life.

What makes her further admirable to women is she is not a huge earner and so is not constantly splashing out on high end clothing. She shows that one can certainly be fashionable on a budget and is seen taking trips to vintage and discount stores and even markets in when on holiday in Abu Dhabi in the second movie. She shows that true style comes from within and from high spending.

Without a doubt her boundless shoe collection is coveted by thousands of women around the world. She describes herself as having somewhat of an addiction when it comes to shoes particularly Manolo Blahnik stilettos. Carrie regularly runs herself into financial crisis due to her need for shoes!

She humorously describes her shoe addiction as a ‘substance abuse problem’. She cannot contain herself when it comes to shoes, when she sees them she has to have them.  She does not apologise for her love of fashion and shows it is ok to splurge on oneself.

She highlights the independence women can enjoy. She believes it is ok to spend money on oneself, especially on shoes, as it makes the single girls walk through life a little more fun!

Her attitude towards life is so refreshing and honest it is hard not to fall in love with her, to want to know her. She proves herself as a talented writer, a master of style, a wonderfully dedicated friend and an overall good person.

She certainly is a lady we love!

Aideen Conway