Namra Amir looks at the benefits of joining a society in UCD this new year…

Last semester you had all these ambitions and goals set out to achieve. You went into the term motivated and driven, forcing yourself to commit to something. Maybe it was something minor like striking up the courage to start a conversation with the person beside you, or something bigger such as taking part in a society. So you went to the freshers tent, signed up for practically everything and attended the first few meetings/auditions. When you tried talking to the person beside you the conversation was flat and died quickly.  When you didn’t land the role or make the crew, your patience was gone and you gave up. When you realized that the friends you were making were merely restricted to the lecture halls, you no longer saw the point in trying.

Then the excuses came pouring in. You couldn’t balance assignments and societies, it was too hard to get involved, it was too hard to make friends. So what good did these excuses do in the end? Nothing. They didn’t justify your laziness. They merely lead to regret. You can come up with a thousand excuses that sound legit in your head, but when said a loud even you know how pathetic it sounds. In the end, it comes down to your lack of perseverance. We’re all guilty of running away when the going gets tough, so how do we redeem ourselves?  If you really want to do something, you have to stay motivated and dedicated despite what difficulties may lie ahead. It’s easier said than done, I know. However, this advice is coming from a girl who is writing her first article for the paper in semester two, and the feeling of a second chance is euphoric.  It’s going to take time, practise and patience, but in the end it will be worth it. I can tempt you with my words and the promise of exhilarating end results, but no matter how much encouraging advice you receive, it all comes down to you. You have to give yourself that final push. So what are you waiting for?

It’s a new semester, so excuses and fear aside, why not try commit yourself to something? Take a leaf out of the mature student’s handbook, it’s never too late. It doesn’t necessarily mean take part in a society, or push yourself to talk to others, but achieve a goal that will make your time in college worthwhile. Last semester flew by, so imagine how quick the years will fly by before you’re handed your degree and sent off to face the big bad world. You want to look back on your time spent in college with pride and triumph that you came out a better person, not a quitter. Leave the regret for those messy nights out you can barely even remember, not for things you didn’t accomplish.

This is a new year, a new term and a new you, so no more empty promises! Stay dedicated and motivated, and I promise you that college will be the best years of your life.

By Namra Amir.