Arts & Events Editor Ailbhe Longmore looks at the best upcoming events happening on campus this week.



Queer Theatre Workshop
Venue: 1.19 Ag Building
Date: 17th October 5pm

‘This practical workshop was created by some theatrically inclined members of the committee to act as an introduction to a wide range of queer English language theatre and performance.’

ChemSex Harm Reduction Talk
Venue: O’Brein Science Building
Date: 17th October 5pm

For UCDSU’s Sexual Health Awareness Day, UCD Student for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) and UCD LGBTQ+ Society will be joined by guest speaker Adam Shanley from the Gay Men’s Health Service to discuss safe practices for Chemsex.

‘Rent’ Screening
Venue: Theatre R, Newman
Date: 19th October 6pm

To end Media Week LGBTQ+ Soc have teamed up with FilmSoc to screen the rock Rent and this event will b followed by a night out to the George.


Dramsoc presents ‘Seawall’

Venue: Dramsoc Theatre
Dates: 15th to 19th October 7pm
Tickets: €3 for members, €5 for non-members
Limited seating, booking is advised, reservations can be made by emailing

Written by Simon Stephens, directed by Seán Butler and starring Emmet Farrell; ‘Seawall is a devastating piece of theatre that is just as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. It is about grief and loss and how we deal with these ideas within storytelling and as human beings. It is also a play that is about love. A play that posits the idea that if we can believe in an intangible and invisible abstraction such as love, then why can we not believe in the invisible abstraction of God?’


Dramsoc presents ‘There’s Only Alice’

Venue: Dramsoc Theatre
Dates: 15th to 19th October 1pm
Tickets: €3 for members, €5 for non-members
Limited seating, booking is advised, reservations can be made by emailing

Written and directed by Luke Shanahan and starring Ciara Hanley as Alice.
‘After spending the night with her co-worker Robert, the voices in Alice’s head decide to have a few words with her. Alice would prefer for the voices to leave her alone, but this only aggravates them further. Getting rid of these voices will prove to be quite difficult, and perhaps impossible. This is a story about human connection, loneliness, vulnerability, acceptance and kindness.’


L&H Debate: Capitalism Vs. Communism

Venue: Fitzgerald Chamber
Date: 17th October 6pm

‘Batman v the Joker. Barcelona v Real Madrid. Hamilton v Burr. Arts students vs viable job prospects. Some rivalries seem to be unending, everlasting, unchanging. But only one has shaped modern geopolitics, driven brought the world to the brink of nuclear war, and served as a convenient plot device for early James Bond films. Prepare for an economic philosophy smackdown of the economic system that has broken the western hemisphere versus the economic system that has broken the eastern hemisphere. Who will win when L&H pit Animal Farm against The Big Short, Stalin’s moustache against Trump’s combover, and communism against capitalism.’


UCD Music Soc Open Mic Night

Venue: The Clubhouse
Date: 17th October 8pm

UCD Music Soc Open Mic Night Returns! ‘Take a break from taking a break from your midterms, grab a pint, and sing some songs for our enjoyment. Whether it’s your latest heartfelt original or the party piece your wine-aunt loves we want to hear it! Music Soc provides the stage, the mics, the guitars, and the keyboards. You just show up and do your thing!’


Eoin Colfer speaks at Sci-Fi Inaugural

Venue: Students Centre
Dates: 17th October 6pm

Eoin Colfer, New York Times bestselling author of the Artemis Fowl series, will be presented with a lifetime achievement award by UCD Science Fiction and Fantasy Society contribution to Irish literature. There will be a book signing and refreshments after the presentation.


By Ailbhe Longmore – Arts & Lifestyle Editor

Dramsoc ‘There’s Only Alice’ poster design by Gemma Bovenizer