Turnout on the second day of the UCDSU Presidential Impeachment Referendum is already at a high level. Here is a quick update from some of the polling locations.

Business and Law

The Tribune reported last night that law students had to vote in Quinn. This has done little to slow down the enthusiasm of law voters, though. The polling stations for Business and Law, located side-by-side in the Quinn Building, have seen a steady stream of voters all morning.

The polling stations are located in the centre of the building, just near the main stairs, which makes it easy to vote, but is also causing minor congestion problems, especially when large classes finish nearby.


Judging by morning standards, the turnout in Newman has also been very high. There was a queue of around 30 students waiting to vote just before 11am. Increased numbers are expected in the afternoon and evening. Students are advised to be prepared to wait in line for a bit in order to vote.

All eligible students are able to vote in the Newman Building this evening, between 6pm – 8pm.

The Tribune will be reporting live from the count centre tonight as results come in.

Cian Carton – Editor