The music festival is fashions most important summer event. It’s a place where anyone whoever they are can play with style and experiment wearing whatever they please because there definitely will be some crazy outfits. A music festival is a place where even the timid can show off their wild fashion side.

When going to a festival I think it’s important to haves a few key pieces and I’m not talking about baby wipes a tent and cans. I think it’s important to have some pieces which are interchangeable throughout the weekend and some shoes which are comfy, durable and can be worn every day.

At any Irish festival we are guaranteed the addition of at least one spell of a monsoon, and for these conditions its super important we raincoat up. Clear seems to be the colour of the summer for raincoats. These transparent gems look fabulous as they let your outfit underneath show yet shield you from the great outdoors. Topshop and Forever21 are stocking some cute numbers at the moment as well as EBay and Amazon if you’re not too keen on forking out on something you’ll eventually throw away.

Topshop £45

A party dress for your favourite act is always key. Who doesn’t want to look good while dancing to their favourite tunes? This is you’re opportunity to wear something totally fabulous and what better for fabulous than sequins. Nine Crows have some cute sequined and sparkly dresses while Motel Rocks is a great place to find a party piece, especially their signature sequined dress called Gabby which comes in a beautiful iridescent colour.

Motel Rocks £39

Mud, rain, broken naggins and possibly snow are only some of the things you’ll have to trudge to while at a music festival and it is absolutely essential that you do it in comfy yet stylish footwear. If you’ve a well worn pair of doc martens they are the way to go but if you’re buying them new for the weekend don’t bother because you will never walk after the first night. It’s really important with boots like Doc martens that you wear them in. The second most obvious choice is wellies but also wear them in and this is advice from a farming gal! Don’t go crazy on expensive Hunters but get a good waterproof pair and maybe invest in some wool liners and they can give those wellies the comfort of UGG boots!

image1xxl (1)
Asos €27.40

Happy Camping!


Louise O’Toole