~how i’m feeling~ – Lauv

★ ★ ★ ★

Lauv is an American electro-pop artist who earlier this month released his debut studio album ~how i’m feeling~, a 21-song ensemble that moves between modernity and nostalgia, from sexy to sad, while sitting assuredly in its exploration of loneliness. 

This album presents us with a variety of unique sounds, one being the kind of music that the word “bop” was invented to describe. This sound relies heavily on the beat, inviting the listener to dance, lest they listen to his lyrics and cry. The upbeat music is what you would expect to hear in YA movies as it dances around Lauv’s loneliness. These are the type of songs that are ripe for choreography, full of attitude and youth. 

There is a softness to Lauv’s voice as he knits together these bops with his many successful collabs and quieter moments. His gentler songs showcase the strength of his vocals, while also reminding the listener that this isn’t a happy album. Blunt and honest, his lyrics speak for themselves. The stand-out feature of this album is just this – similar to that of the album Future Friends by pop duo Superfruit, Lauv uses powerful pop to reflect on the loneliness that many may not want to admit to.


Savannah Murray – Music Writer