ed serif;”>Julie Kirwan of brokenblush.blogspot.com shows you how to get the perfect spider-eyes for Halloween


If you’re dressing as a Sexy Nurse, Snow White or Schoolgirl for Hallowe’en this year, I suggest you stop reading now. If, however, you’re a bit sick of the slutty Hallowe’en outfit clichés and want to attempt something a bit more creative, or even borderline scary, then this may be the place for you. I’m under no allusion that anyone will want to put much effort into their outfit, but if dressing up really isn’t for you – play with your face. And this spiderweb look is actually quite pretty.



After your base has been set (foundation, concealer, bronzer etc), take any matte black eyeshadow and sweep it across the lid. Then taking a fluffy blending brush, blend the edges out so there are no harsh lines. Taking the same black shadow on a thin angled brush, start to draw lines up from the eye-socket towards the forehead and smaller lines under the eye towards the cheek, making sure they are not perfectly straight. Once this is done, take the product and draw horizontal curved lines to link up with the vertical ones, creating a spiderweb shape. With a white eyeliner pencil draw small circles throughout the ‘web’ and then taking a black eyeliner pencil, line the inner rims of the eye and apply false eyelashes to the top and bottom lashes (for the bottom lashes, just turn normal lashes upside down and glue along the lashline). Penney’s have a packet of five lashes for €8 which would be perfect for this look. Then, take a silver eyeshadow or glitter pigment and apply it to the inner corners of the eyes to open them up. Apply a salmon-pink lipstick like Sleeks ‘Milkshake’ Lip Tar (€5.70, available at beautyemporium.ie) and you’re all set to go. That’s it, simples. And you don’t look like every other girl this Hallowe’en, which has to be a plus. Yes?