University College Dublin (UCD) has taken first place in the QS top university rankings for employability in Ireland, for the 5th consecutive year. The University has been recorded as the top university for employability in Ireland since 2018, with the exception of the year 2021 not being recorded due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

QS university ratings is an online resource where undergraduate and postgraduate students can find out the rankings of universities all over the world, whether it be a rating of specific courses, student life, or employability. 

Considering the intense competition that comes with finding a job after graduation, many universities pride themselves on having a high ranking on QS website as it provides a strong impression to those looking to study with them. 

UCD is at number 87 out of 550 universities that QS has recorded on an employability level. TCD is at 91 and is ranked as the second-best for employability in the country. UCD also holds a place at 173 out of 1,300 recorded for the overall world ranking. 

There are 5 elements that QS uses to assess a university for its employability, these are;  partnerships with employers, graduate employment rate, employer-student connections, alumni outcomes, and employer reputation. 

UCD Smurfit

The highest-rated out of these 5 was UCD’s partnerships with employers. UCD provides multiple opportunities to prepare for your career after you graduate, and depending on your course, allows you to gain work experience at well-recognised establishments during your time studying at UCD along with opportunities to study abroad at some of the top universities in the world.

The Innovation Academy is an experimental learning system that has electives that are based around teaching students skills that are useful in the workplace, the careers connect, and the careers network website which enables students to search for workshops, job openings, and internships related to their field of study. In addition to this, the university also allocates centres in the James Joyce library to help students with building and improving their CVs. 

The President of UCD, Andrew Deeks, is quoted by University Relations on the topic by stating “Our students have demonstrated great capacity to study and work successfully under COVID-19 restrictions and these skills will stand to them as they enter their careers and will be sought after by the top employers”. 

Lisa Lavelle – Reporter