On-Campus voting takes place on the 4th and 5th of April. 

Miranda Bauer is a final-year Modern Languages in UCD and is originally from Argentina. She is running in the only contested sabbatical race this year for Campaigns and Engagement Officer against final year Physics with Astronomy student, Ryan Corley. 

If Bauer wins, it would make her the first Latina Sabbatical Officer to sit on the Student Union, a fact she is keenly aware of. “It was one of the reasons I wanted to run in the first place, as a way to better represent all of us.” 

She mentions the lack of diversity amongst previous sabbatical officers, stating, “It makes sense unfortunately, we are in Ireland; but there’s been a definite impact on how the Union interacts with those coming from diverse backgrounds as a result.” 

When speaking with the College Tribune, Bauer stated that her experiences as an international student here at UCD gave her a unique position that would help bring change to the SU. “I’ve been involved in the union, and I’ve seen what they lack, I can bring a fresh perspective and get the job done in a positive way.” 

That’s not the only reason she feels qualified for the role. Bauer served as the Class Representative for German, AHSS College Officer in the 2021/2022 academic year and is the current Diversity and Inclusion Campaign Officer. Bauer has a lot of involvement in student life on campus as a member of several clubs and societies alongside her studies. Her involvement includes societies such as the Japanese Society and Game Society and is currently part of the Volleyball Club. That influence is clear in her manifesto and she explains “I want to make sure we are representing clubs and societies better than we have been so far.”  

“I think Robyn has been great, she just didn’t have the outside perspective on who to contact.”

Miranda Bauer on the current Campaigns and Engagement Officer

When questioned on her thoughts about her predecessor’s manifesto and their similar promises regarding decolonising and diversifying the curriculum in the university, Bauer says “I think Robyn has been great, she just didn’t have the outside perspective on who to contact. I’ve already been in touch with some of the heads of various organisations about anti-racism training and other issues and that’s something I want to continue if I am elected.” One of the groups Bauer has contacted is PhoenixRise here in Dublin. 

Campaign and Engagement is a two-pronged fork and at first glance, it seems like Bauer and her opponent have each chosen to focus on one over the other, but she assures the Tribune that is not the case. “I am trying to focus on both aspects of the job, as you can see from my points about fairer fees, accommodation and transport. My way of improving engagement is to involve the societies and clubs and involve students who haven’t felt they can be involved previously – like many of the international students who have felt they can’t go to the union with issues they are having. I believe my manifesto is quite complete in what I set out to do and I have the experience and perspective to do the job in a positive way.”

Miranda Bauer is in favour of re-joining the USI, believing there is strength in unity, and collaborating with our fellow student unions would be extremely beneficial. She also intends to ensure UCD keeps the individual seats on the boards they already occupy.

Lucy Mackarel – Assistant News Editor