Electric scooters have become the symbol of intelligence and efficiency in urban transport. In cities like Madrid, San Francisco, and Paris, the trend has been set and seems to only be getting more popular with each passing day. It’s expected Irish laws will change very soon and we’ll see road-legal e-scooters in and around our towns and cities, just as we now see e-bikes. While we believe this sudden shift in direction for a healthier environment is a step in the right direction. We must remain open to the fact that many have not yet been convinced.  

If you are one of those that have not been convinced that an e-scooter is what you need in your life, take a moment to consider all the advantages of this fun and convenient way of getting around Dublin according to Green Electric Scooters.   

1. Portability 

Rivalled only by folding bikes, the electric scooter is a simplistic and portable means of transportation for traversing the city scene. Many people look for a simplistic and affordable means of getting about, but they are often connected to other undesirable traits. Motorcycles are nice, but considering the need for a license, insurance, maintenance, and fuel, the costs can rise considerably. Push Bikes are nice, but they are always at risk of being stolen and can’t be considered portable.  

The e-scooter, on the other hand, is very lightweight for portability and can fold up for easy storage. It can be pulled behind you just like a small suitcase and taken virtually anywhere you could take a suitcase. When you are ready to roll, just unfold the scooter and away you go.  

2. Eco-friendly 

No article on the great benefits of an electric scooter is complete without a mention of the most important advantage of them all, not only for humans now but for all of posterity. The search for an eco-friendly and highly versatile form of personal conveyance has been completed and none too soon. Electric scooters don’t emit fumes of any sort and are the best example of environmentally friendly transportation to date. This is great for the air quality of your city and the health of your local community.  

3. Noise pollution 

Travelling around the city and enjoying the serenity and silence of your surroundings is not a common combination. Pretty much every type of transportation will create some type of noise and some more than others. Cars, trucks, motorbikes, trams, and buses are incredibly loaded and contribute to considerable noise pollution. Even walking with hard sole shoes can be a loud way to get from place to place. Electric scooters on the other hand are whisper quiet and still the fastest way to get from A to B without alerting the neighbourhood to your passing. 

We are sure your restful sleep has been interrupted by a neighbour driving their vehicle into the driveway in the wee hours of the morning. The sound can be jarring and unpleasant. But if everyone has an electric scooter, arrivals and departures would be completely covert.  

4. Balance + movement 

Another problem being faced by modern society is the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Many people work, commute, eat, shop, and enjoy leisure activities all from the seated position. The advances of modern technology have afforded so much convenience that even visiting and communicating with friends and relatives can be done from the convenience of a big screen in your living room. This can be counterbalanced by adding a little challenge to your life. Riding an electric scooter allows you to get your body moving as it shifts and adjusts to maintain balance as you travel.  

 5. Safety 

Every model of transportation will have some risks. If you are travelling faster than a mere walk, you are already taking on the risk of falling and hurting yourself at an accelerated speed. But in comparison to bikes, skateboards, longboards, and motorcycles, the risk associated with an electric scooter is greatly diminished. For example, you can easily step off the electric scooter if you see an unavoidable accident occur in front of you. This is not something that can be done with any other type of transportation.

Supplied by Green Electric Scooters