This last week has been described as being tough for the government with many of our crazed citizens taking to the internet to express their dissatisfaction with its performance. A litany of disparaging messages were sent to the Facebook pages of many government ministers which can only be described as (and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this), virtual terrorism. Fine Gael TD Paschal Donohoe claimed that he received vile abusive messages such as ‘’Do your job and take care of homeless people’’, ‘’Why are there never enough hospital beds?’’ and ‘’Could you please let me know when the local food bank is open next? I haven’t eaten in 3 days’’. He commented that such vitriolic attacks should not be allowed in a 21st century democracy. A sentiment which I totally agree with.

Even An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, received one particularly disgusting message from a man who demanded that he ‘’…actually start doing what needs to be done instead of ignoring and downplaying our problems while you vilify the working class as a hobby’’. Varadkar could not comment on the incidents as he was attending a rugby match in Argentina. Not for fun, but to try and bring us home some FDI, (Foreign Direct Investment for the layman), from some of the air hostesses on his private jet or from the waiters in the 5 Star restaurant who served the buckets of gold lobsters and diamond caviar. People can be so quick to judge…

It is clear to see from these recent incidents that we expect too much from our government. Unnecessary things like basic human rights, a justice system that doesn’t let rich people off for everything and condemn the poor for trivial misdemeanors, and various other nonsensical demands unworthy of mentioning like an uncorrupt police force etc etc… We have a lot of things to thank our government for, and if you bothered to close your eyes and cover your ears, you’d be able to see and hear all of them. You scroungers!

Seán Farbuckt  – Turbine Writer