A recent review, published in the Clinical Psychology Review, suggests that practicing mindfulness may help to interrupt or prevent craving cycles associated with the abuse of food, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.


The independent Dublin coffee chain will now donate 20c to Friends of the Earth every time a Coffeeangel KeepCup is used to purchase a coffee in any of their shops, as part of their ‘#YourCupOurFuture’ initiative. Coffeeangel KeepCups are available to purchase in store and online, with prices ranging from €18-20.

Lidl Special Offers

Keep an eye out for affordable hiking and outdoor gear this week in Lidl (available from the 8th of February), such as these ‘Crivit Lightweight Men’s Trekking Jacket[s]’ (€19.99) and their range of 30l hiking rucksacks which will set you back just €14.99!

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Ireland’s Processed Food Problem

A recent study in the Journal of Public Health and Nutrition ranked Ireland as the third highest consumer of ultra-processed foods among 19 European countries, with ultra-processed food items making up 45.9% of the average Irish shopping basket.

Blogger Blagging

If you want to stay at a hotel or try a new restaurant maybe just pay for it?

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