Following her shocking exit from American girl group Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello has managed to top the charts and score amazing stints performing on the likes of the legendary stage of Studio 8H for Saturday Night Live and on various late night talk shows such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Since parting ways with the five-some turned four-some band, there seemed to be some tension about her exit, with her former band mates saying that they had no clue about her wanting to leave and how it came as a shock to them.

Nevertheless, Cabello, only 20 years old, who was born in Cuba and spent her younger years growing up in Miami got her feet into Hollywood by auditioning for the American X Factor at a mere age of only 15. This is how Fifth Harmony was formed and, in which moved on to be very successful for a number of years. They managed to reach and stay in the top charts for weeks with their hit songs such as ‘Work From Home’ and “Worth It’. However, Camila is a perfect example of someone who decides to take a risk and leave a group to try and break out into the spotlight as a solo artist.

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She released her first solo album titled ‘Camila’ on January 12th and so far it has remained at a very successful level on the music charts. Her first single released was ‘Havana’ and, unless you have been walking around with permanent ear plugs in for the past few months you have probably heard it (Here’s a hint; Havana-ooh na na, half of my heart is in Havana-ooh na na…familiar yet?). To date, that song alone has raked up nearly 500 million Youtube views and almost 650 million listens on Spotify alone, which if you compare to Fifth Harmony’s first album released as a four-some, it’s obvious that Cabello has been much more successful as an individual artist.

Her album, ’Camila’ is filled with emotional and personal songs such as the beautiful ballad of ‘Consequences’ to the upbeat, singing in the shower songs such as ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Havana’. She has proved to be a big hit for people of all ages and sexes and I can see a huge sell out world tour in her future.

Her songs are so beautifully and carefully written that you can tell they are deeply personal and come from her own heart and not from a ghost writer in which some other artists rely on. She sings about wanting to find true friends in which she can count on and who won’t let her down – in which she has experienced in the past, in ‘Real Friends’. In ’Never Be the Same’ she writes about a relationship being as addictive as heroin or morphine. Her upbeat bop of ’She Loves Control’ was written by Cabello after she found a new ‘creative control’ after departing from Fifth Harmony.

She is not only incredibly talented, she has a goofy and outgoing personality of someone that you just have to love, which shines from her when she uploads an Instagram story to her 16.4 million followers. Here, she gives fans a glimpse into her personal life or she can be seen uploading funny videos of her trying on multiple Instagram filters. Music is not her only successful aspect of her life, she managed to become an official GUESS girl and become the face of the 2017 Fall campaign. This is such an iconic role to portray and she will be following in the footsteps of the likes of Anna Nicole Smith and Kate Upton. She is also part of Taylor Swift’s posse, along with the likes of Gigi Hadid and Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor even threw a surprise party for Camila for her 20th birthday. Safe to say if you’re part of Taylor Swifts girl group – you’ve officially made it.

Amy Higgins – Features Writer