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15:31 Check out some photos that were taken earlier today at the march;

  15:17 Here are some videos from the protest. 

Shane comer speaks at the march

  14:53 Our reporter Matthew Farrelly speaks to UCDSU Education officer, Shane Comer.   14:47 Shane comer says that he is very happy with the turnout at the march but admits that it was difficult to get people out on Monday.  

14:39  UCDSU estimate that 700 people attended the march. The College Tribune is looking into figures as estimated by the Gardaí.  

  14:16  Our reporter Matthew Farrelly speaks to Rachel Breslin, UCDSU President, after the march.   14:09 Students are now heading back to the buses from the march.

14:02 The pledge signed by labour has been passed over to representatives from Eamon Gilmore’s office

13:53 John Logue, Rachel Breslin and Shane Comer all state that protests for gilmores250 isn’t over.

13:52 John Logue says that education is a right followed by an applause from the crowd.


13:48 John Logue, current president of USI, is now speaking at the march. He tells students of Eamon Gilmore’s past as president of the USI.   ‘We were pawns’ Breslin followed by shouts of never again vote labour from crowd#Gilmore250 twitter.com/MattFarrelly/s… — College Tribune (@CollegeTribune) November 19, 2012

13:39 More tweets from some students on the ground;


13:29 The song currently being played outside Eamon Gilmore’s office in the march;

13:28 Car drivers are showing their approval of the marchers

13:20 The march is being led by first year politics rep, Dominic Gallagher, who’s playing the bagpipes. Students are wearing Eamon Gilmore masks who are chanting  “Eamon Gilmore Out Out Out”


13:11Here is the route for the march;

13:10 Here are a selection of the tweets from the march so far.

@collegetribune #Gilmore250 twitter.com/MattFarrelly/s… — Matthew H. Farrelly (@MattFarrelly) November 19, 2012   — Matthew H. Farrelly (@MattFarrelly) November 19, 2012


12:55 March is to get underway in 15 minutes leaving from IADT

12:43 There is an estimated attendance of 450 students with only one bus left to arrive at IADT.

12:28 Students gather before protest to Eamon Gilmore’s office at IADT.

12:26 Four buses are believed to have left the bus stop on campus with a fifth bus now being loaded.

12:00 More students are gathering at the 39a bus stop.

11:44 The first bus is leaving the 39A bus stop now to bring students to IADT where they will march to Dun Laoghaire.

We will be live blogging events from the Gilmores 250 march with updates as it happens, right here on our website.

By Ronan Coveney and Peter Hamilton