So getting up online without the cost?

Let’s try and take a step away from the familiar that is tumblr, view Facebook and twitter. Be adventurous and explore the net. is one of the best sites to build a personal blog or website. It does take a while to get used you. You’ll be tinkering around a bit, tadalafil but it gives you the freedom to actually get it to the look you want.

Blogger is really good. It has the abilities to make you a better blogger linking into nerdy things like analytics. It has lots of features that you can explore but you don’t have to – which is great. – you may have heard of this if a friend has liked it on their Facebook page. They never seem to stop advertising. With this site it’s free to sign up and build but you have to pay for it to be hosted which is a bumer. However, you don’t have to pay if you link in with a free hosting site like … It doesn’t have the catch that you have to input your payment details even though you are going for the free option which is a huge plus. However, it is quite small which could become a problem, but for those who want to test drive their nerdyness it’s a decent choice.

Jux is not like traditional blogging. It is more akin to a blog version of tumblr. It’s slick and pretty. looks a bit too good to be true for the free sign up. It gives you everything you need to make a full free website supposedly. It’s more than worth investigating. is simple and not intimidating so it is definitely a possible starting point. It’s nice and cute. Not for someone who wants to get into super hard core blogging.

Youtube. If stepping in front of the camera is your thing then you probably are on it already. The site helps you out with quite a bit of editing software build in but you can always branch out and explore.