Barry Murphy has been re-elected as UCDSU President. The incumbent overcame five challengers and will now stay in his role until June 2019.

The total valid poll in the Presidential race was 3,807, up from 3,237 votes cast last year. This increase of 570 votes represented a 15% increase on last year’s figure.

Breifne O’Brien came out on top in the first round of voting, thanks to 334 of 400 first preference votes in Ag Science. Murphy polled the highest in most of the other constituencies, but it was a four-way race between the pair, Ryan Oakes, and Rosie Aljohmani.

Amy Crean was first eliminated with 182 out of 3807 first preference votes, or 4.78%. Crean’s votes were re-distributed alongside RON’s 18 votes.

These transfers went 50 to Juliet McFadden, 46 to Oakes, 40 to Murphy, 24 to Aljohmani, and 6 to O’Brien. It was not enough to save McFadden, who bowed out with 475 votes after the second round. Oakes and Murphy gained the most from the re-distribution, with Aljohmani the next eliminated with 669 votes.

Murphy then re-gained his lead with the transfers, leaving O’Brien and Oakes behind. The Returning Office decided to have a recount for Oakes and O’Brien as the pair were only separated by 20 votes on 1136 and 1116 respectively. The recount saw O’Brien lose 5 and Oakes lose 2 votes. All three campaign teams got to check spoiled votes, resulting in an extra vote for Murphy and O’Brien. O’Brien was declared eliminated, leaving his votes to be re-distributed between Murphy and Oakes.

276 went to Murphy and 318 to Oakes, leaving Murphy on 1556 and Oakes on 1452.

Melissa Plunkett was elected Welfare Officer in a race that went to the wire with John Kerr. Kylie Roche and RON were eliminated after the first count, with the re-distribution leaving Plunkett on 1711 and Kerr on 1642. The Returning Office decided to have a re-count as the difference was under 1.9%. Plunkett went up by 2, and following an examination of the 220 spoiled ballots by both sides, Plunkett was declared the winner.

Stephen Crosby, a final year Politics student, has been elected as the next Undergraduate Education Officer. He overcame final year Archaeology student Christine Brown by 1734 votes to 1437. Brown congratulated Crosby on his win and said they ran “one of the friendliest races in many years.” Crosby thanked his campaign team, voters, and ballot counters.

Postgraduate Education Officer Niall Torris was re-elected to the role with 808 votes to 154 for RON.

Thomas Monaghan is the new Campaigns and Communications Officer. He overcame Kevin Brennan by 2066 votes to 1534. Monaghan thanked his friends, UCD ENTs and the Clubhouse Bar for their support.

Reporting live from the count centre – Rachel O’Neill – Editor

Words by Cian Carton – Editor