With a new president comes a new management team.

Professor Andrew Deeks has arrived onto the Belfield campus bringing with him a style that many have described as firm and determined.

As an outsider in UCD, cialis picking your battles wisely and not rocking the boat too much seems like astute tactics. Deeks has been seen as someone capable of making changes where they are needed while keeping the majority of staff and students happy by not doing anything too radical. This is one of the biggest contrasts to ten years ago, sildenafil when Hugh Brady pushed through numerous reforms in rapid succession, nurse many of which angered staff. Those first few months cast a spell over Brady’s presidency that he was unable to shake off – it stayed with him until he finished his post at the end of December.

In his honeymoon period Deeks has managed to change the structure of his management team in less than three weeks, without causing too much consternation.

Along with a new management team, a new governing authority has been appointed. With the changes in the university management team, the governing authority members now have more of a duty than ever before to make sure that staff and students’ voices are listened to and to remember that issues that affect the stakeholders in the university cannot be brushed aside by the reduced management team.

A key area for this presidency must be a joint focus on the arts along with the sciences. As has been documented before, many feel that the arts in UCD have been forgotten as universities push for the more lucrative sciences, which bring more money for the university.

The next few weeks will set the tone of Deeks’ presidency. Will this be another 10 years of turbulence or will Belfield return to a somewhat calmer state of affairs?