There’s a common misconception that all smoothies taste like grass and contain buzzword smart foods that cost the same as a gold bar. The recipes below will hopefully change your minds about that, sildenafil each fitting a different occasion!


The Breakfast Smoothie:
One banana, 2tbsp cinnamon, 2tbs peanut butter, 250ml almond milk, 3tbsp cocoa powder.

To say this tastes like anything other than a chocolate milkshake would be a lie. Mix all your ingredients together and blend for 30 seconds or until smooth. Add more liquid for a runnier consistency! Perfect for if you’re on the go all day, this contains a whopping 15g of protein and 85% of your calcium RDA.


The Pre-Workout Smoothie:

0.5 cup strawberries, 1.5 cup spinach, 0.5 large orange, cold green tea.

Add all the solids then fill with cold tea until satisfied. If the taste is too bitter for you then add some honey! The vitamin C helps to absorb the iron, which then helps your body move oxygen around to your muscles while exercising. This smoothie is incredibly low in calories but holds 170% of your daily vitamin C needs.


The Sleepy Smoothie:
0.5 cup cherries, 1 banana, 240 ml soy milk, 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds.

This mix of ingredients should help aid a struggling sleep pattern; the mixture of serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan will help your mood and your stress levels! For an extra touch add vanilla flavouring or use vanilla soy milk. Make sure to drink this a few hours before going to bed rather than right before.


– Eleanor Byrne