generic serif;”>A UK based firm are seeking approval for a €60m residential development intended for student accommodation situated on Dorset Street.
After achieving ownership of the vacant property, the company, known as TSHC,
wish to provide university students with suitable accommodation following a consistent rise of demand in the rental market.

This proposed student accommodation it is hoped, will provide some relief to the student accommodation crisis. 

In September last year the search for accommodation students reached crisis levels, with many students living in hostels, or not able to take up places in their desired universities due to lack of affordable housing.

It was discovered in August last that 59 of the 166 rooms in the new Montrose Student Living complex would not be available at the start of term in September due to a development delay. This saw hundreds of students left continuing their search for accommodation.

 Speaking exclusively to the College Tribune, one student said, ‘I found it very difficult to secure accommodation this year because of how high the rents are. I applied for on campus but nobody is guaranteed a place, it’s not really fair,’

When asked about her experience with accommodation second year English with Drama student Allanah Scully said her experience with finding accommodation was ‘horrendous’ and not one she would like to put herself through again;

“|t was so stressful finding accommodation at the right price and that was close by. There isn’t a lot of accommodation for the large number of students here in UCD and I definitely think more accommodation should be allocated”.